In-House Expertise

We can operate inside our clients' organizations as a project manger and in-house expert to assist in the successful completion of their strategic initiatives.

" Our experience and expertise allows our clients to launch new and innovative products in the rapidly evolving ETF industry" 

                                                         Richard Keary- Founder/Principal

Call us at 914-406-6277 for an appraisal of your project 

                       What We Do

Richard Keary is a CO-Founder of the ETF BILD Project. 

Global ETF Advisors is an independent management consulting firm that specializes in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our client base consists of asset managers, stock exchanges, indexers and start-up fund companies.

   Strategic Consulting

We offer advisory services designed to assist our clients in executing their business plans and enhance their strategic vision and execution capabilities

Key Elements in  Launching a Successful ETF

1. Capital- It costs more than you think it will.

2. Product Positioning-  Differentiation

3. Distribution- Have a story to tell

Read more in the article;

                 "Launching a Successful ETF"

Co-authored by Richard Keary- Global ETF Advisors

                       John Jacobs - Georgetown University

 Written for THE ETF BILD Project-